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Taking Full Advantage of the Strengths of Piezoelectric Technology. Kistler performance analysis systems for sports are helping to improve training methods in national sport science institutions, Olympic training centers and professional training and rehabilitation facilities. The unique piezoelectric measuring system offers numerous advantages and makes Kistler force plates a cost effective investment for biomechanical laboratories. With their longevity, high accuracy, linearity and sensitivity Kistler force plates provide reliable and reproducible results
CONTEMPLAS GmbH, with its headquarter in Kempten/Germany, develops and distributes worldwide software solutions for general motion analysis in the sport and medicine market. With the motion analysis software TEMPLO and VICON MOTUS, CONTEMPLAS offers the possibility to do professional analysis in different fields of applications and integrate other systems, such as EMG, pressure and force measurement
Sensix designs, manufactures and markets high-precision force-torque sensors and platforms through innovative dimensioning method.
Simi Reality Motion Systems
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