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Eight workshops will be organised during the Conference.


Cricket Bowling Biomechanics for Elite Coaches and Players

Dr René Ferdinands, University of Sydney, Australia

Description of the Workshop

Dr. Ferdinands will run a Cricket Biomechanics Coaching workshop at ISBS2015 on fast and spin bowling. The general format begins with a 1.5-hour lecture presentation covering the biomechanical principles of cricket technique, and then followed by a 3-hour coaching session. Although seemingly advanced in content, the material is presented in simple terms, so that attendees with little or no scientific background can benefit – the emphasis is on practical application.

An extended description as well as Dr René Ferdinands's bio can be viewed here. A Flyer can be downloaded here.



Workshop scheduled on Monday 29th June: 11h00-12h30 and 13h45-16h45.

Workshop fee: 130€ including the lunch.



Biomechanical ToolKit: A Step Toward Independency Between Motion Capture Data and Biomechanical Analysis

Dr Arnaud Barré   École de Technologie Supérieure, Montréal, Canada.

Description of the Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to present the usage of the Biomechanical ToolKit library in a context of gait analysis and bicycle pedaling analysis.

An extended description can be viewed here.  

This Workshop is kindly supported by SB and SOFAMEA

Workshop scheduled on Monday 29th June: 13h45-15h15.






Importance of Accurate Force Sensors into the Biomechanical Computations

Dr Mathieu Boucher Sensix, France

This workshop will present the most frequent traps of a measuring chain: how to find the compromise between the measuring chain imposed by the measured efforts and the natural frequency/mass of the device, how the rigidity of the measuring chain assembly could alter the technical characteristics of the sensor used, how the sensor calibration made by the manufacturer is being modified depending on the measuring chain assembling type, how to interpret the accuracy indicated on the sensors data sheet, how the sensor location in the study reference could influence the measurement quality.

An extended description can be viewed here.

This workshop is organised by Sensix

Workshop scheduled on Monday 29th June: 15h15-16h45.





Testing, Norms and Sport Materials

Dr Franck Leplanquais CRITT Sport & Loisirs, France

Description of the Workshop - Be careful, only 50 seats available

CRITT Sport Loisirs, independent and labelled organism, aims to promote the development of the sports industry and recreation. It has laboratories allowed to test and certify products within this field, as well as some others in the workplace.

The structure of the interface between research, industry, public institutions and the sports movement's main field of action sports equipment (bikes, skateboards, roller skates, canoes, balloons, ...), the personal protective equipment (helmets, knee pads, gloves, jackets, ...) as well as structures (poles basketball, football goals, handball, ...) or sports floors (tatami mats, flooring, ...), and optical equipment and acoustic Personal Protection in the workplace (welding goggles, helmets, anti noise, ...) for their certification standards.

We propose you to visit the differents laboratories used for testing various equipments. For exemple, this year, the CRITT Sport Loisirs is the only institution in France performing tests on all the protective gear for the biker. 

Workshop scheduled on Monday 29th June: 10h00-13h00 (a 30 minutes transport by bus must be added to reach the CRITT Sport & Loisirs).




Shoulder Injuries in the Overhead Athlete - a Biomechanical Modeling approach

Language will be English. Accessible to every participant.

The shoulder plays a crucial role in overhead activity as it funnels the force and energy produced by the legs and trunk first to the upper-limb, and finally to the racket. Its contradictory role of stability and mobility makes it a vulnerable region, where problems commonly occur. The development of comprehensive biomechanical models remains a challenge in tennis because of the large range of motion and of the complexity of the shoulder joint.

An extended description can be viewed here.

This workshop is organised under the aegis of the Société de BiomécaniqueSB The Société de Biomécanique (SB) is an International Society of Biomechanics which regroups scientists from all over the world for which French is the spoken language.

Workshop scheduled on Monday 29th June: 08h30-10h30.






 Are you Forced to measure Force?

Nachiappan Chockalingam PhD CEng Csci, Staffordshire University

Cindy Samaan, AMTI

Description of the Workshop

The main focus of this workshop will be on technological advancements and techniques involved in the assessment of ground reaction forces. In addition, the lectures and demonstration will highlight the relevance of these technologies and techniques to human performance measurement.

An extended description can be viewed here

This workshop is organised by AMTI

Workshop scheduled on Monday 29th June: 09h00-10h30.





Vicon’s Tools for the Sport Scientist

Sarah Ward, Vicon

Description of the Workshop

Vicon offers state of the art motion capture hardware and software. Capturing the data is a streamline process, but how the sport scientist models the captured data can vary in many ways. This workshop will outline the different possibilities of data processing that Vicon software offers post data capture.

An extended description can be viewed here.

This workshop is organised by Vicon

Workshop scheduled on Monday 29th June: 10h30-12h30.






Ground reaction force maesurements in sport medicine science and practice using "MARS" software

Dr Nejc Sarabon S2P – KISTLER

The goal of this workshop is to present the Kistler MARS sotware. Kistler MARS by S2P is innovative, comprehensive and user-friendly software for the complete analysis of ground reaction force measurements acting on human body.

An extended description can be viewed HEREThis workshop is organised by Kistler.
Workshop scheduled on Thursday 2nd July: 07h00-07h50, breakfast is included.






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