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 The New Investigator Award (Oral & Poster) is dedicated to students. Its rewards the research work of students currently enrolled in an undergraduate (Honors) or postgraduate program or have graduated with their terminal degree (Master’s or Doctoral) within the last two years.

The purposeof the New Investigator Award (NIA) is to recognise new researchers in Sports Biomechanics and to encourage them to become productive members of ISBS by expanding the base of knowledge of Sports Biomechanics through study and dissemination of information. The NIA was first awarded in Prague, Czechoslovakia as part of the 8th Symposium of ISBS. Since its inception, it has been contested on an annual basis as part of the annual conference.

The applicants must indicate that they would like to be considered for the NIA (oral or poster) when they submit their conference paper on the conference website (closing date for ISBS 2015: 20th February). The applicants must also send their supporting documents to the VP of Awards, Elizabeth Bradshaw,, by the closing date for paper submission for that year’s conference.

The New Investigator Award includes a certificate, and a monetary award of:

  • Oral: 1st  400€; 2nd  300€; 3rd  200€
  • Poster: 1st  300€; 2nd  200€; 3rd  100€

The VP of Awards will announce the winners at the closing banquet of the annual conference.

Be careful, the return date of revised New Investigator Award papers is shorter in comparison to regular papers. You will have to send back your revised paper for Monday 30th March 2015.

Further Information available on Page 4 of the Policy Manual for The Vice President of Awards of ISBS.

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